Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bmw 2002, 1970 Roundie

Its not running..but these cars are easy to work on, but it could look pretty decent with some paint!
not much to say about this car but if you can get it for maybe 1500 you have a lot of room to work with!

Bmw M, 2000 low millage 15,500

I would prefer the hardtop version but this is still a great example of a m roadster, this is a fun car period!
you can tell this car has been maintained well, and it should have a lot of life left. Also it was owned by the president of and that explains its low millage. This car is worth more than what they are asking for, but im pretty sure you can offer less and get an even better deal, don't wait this wont last!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Bmw 540i, 2001 wagon. $6700

This is priced pretty fair, but you have to watch out for these cars because the e39 chassis 540s can be a headache. Some problems these cars can have are misfires, valave cover gasket, the cluster, transmission all things you would want to watch out for so getting it checked out by a reliable mechanic would be great idea. Other wise this car is great looking, especially great for a soccer mom. If its mechanically sound you will not find a better deal than this one, this one should go fast! 

Friday, August 26, 2011

1985 VW Cabrio-White

One OWNER car!!! I actually don't know anything about these cars but i know they could look pretty good! still the stock look is pretty nice. If i owned this car i would drop it an inch or more with some 14 inch gold BBS RA wheels..the whole car looks pretty clean already the interior looks 10/10 just get this car and enjoy!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bmw 2002tii - SOLD that was quick right!

Well if this car looks half as good as in the picture someone should buy it. Remember this is a tii which is much more rare because its is a high performance 2002 compared to the regular model. The major difference is its fuel injection system. Stock Tii's are getting harder to find because most owners modify them, but theres many people out there that want it stock and they are not getting any cheaper! 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

one of my favorites

These cars last forever..and they are starting to get really powerful, and im starting to appreciate the euro crome bumpers gives it a more vintage look anyways i can go on about the way it looks. The car looks pretty clean from the outside..looks like the interior may need a few things..but this thing has a 2.5 liter m20 which is a 325 engine so this thing should be a lot of fun to drive once its all put together so everything is there someone just needs to put it together and sell it for a profit..come on any wheeler dealers in the orange county area?