Monday, September 5, 2011

Bmw 320is, 1981 $700

This is the forgotten 3series, but prices on these cars arent getting any cheaper. Most e21 owners would argue that this is more fun to drive than the e30. Although it is advertised as a 320i im pretty sure its an "is" because of the bbs wheel, "is" front spoiler and its mentioned it has bucket seats(recaros) so im guessing this is an "is", only thing that would clarify that it is an"is" if it has LSD. anyways look up e21 and check out how awesome these cars could look!

P.S just the Recaros, spoiler, and LSD are worth more than $700 i would definitely pick this up if it was close by. but its not and i have a life(school).

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